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With a prepayment of $5,000 in full, we’ll load your account and instantly add your first $500 BONUS! This “purple” support results in $5,500 for funding your future online and/or in-store purchases with Purple Essentials. There are a LIMITED NUMBER of these opportunities available. With this level of support it is quite possible to receive and spend only the rewards each year – enjoy $500 worth of product each year for three years, then receive the full amount of $5,000 reimbursed! For our clients currently spending $500 or more a year at Purple, this was constructed with you in mind – we appreciate your loyalty!

Each year on the anniversary of the initial prepayment we will add an additional 10% BONUS based on your total account balance on that day - don't spend a penny the first year and your next bonus is $550 (10% of $5,500). Annual rewards will be calculated and added until the account balance has either been depleted or reimbursed (read TERMS for more info) – these rewards will REALLY add up – Enjoy!

Once your payment has been processed, Purple Essentials will reach out to thank you personally for your generous support, including instructions for how to track your balance online, place orders for product and/or services and to confirm reimbursement at the end of the specified 3 year term (read TERMS for more info).

TERMS (if you have any questions about how this options works, please let us know and we can discuss it personally) – this investment can be gifted, but at that point is non-transferable and has no cash value until the end of month 36 when we present the account holder with the option of having the remaining principal repaid in full (net any rewards earned, but not yet spent). Any rewards remaining at that time will be left in the account for redemption online or in-store - they have no expiry date.

For the purpose of tracking the principal balance of this PURPLE investment, it is important to clarify that rewards are always redeemed before principal - last in, first out. That way your principal stays fully intact until all earned rewards have been deducted from your balance. For that reason, both rewards and principal are tracked and displayed in your online account at

We reserve the right to, at any time, buy out the original investment balance in full, net any rewards deposited and not yet spent. If the principal is bought out before the end of the 36 month term, the guaranteed minimum amount of rewards, $1,500, will still be deposited to your account for redemption.

If at the end of the 36 month term you would like to leave the full balance of your remaining principal in place with Purple Essentials, your annual awards will continue until your principal is either repaid or spent. Before each subsequent anniversary you will be presented with the option of withdrawing your remaining principal in this same fashion.