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Good Fortune Sacred Blend

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white sage - palo santo - lavender - frankincense

This essential blend helps clear
negative energy, encourage love + good fortune & inspire creativity. Its presence helps improve your spiritual connection, which can prepare you to receive all blessings directed to you.

Place a sachet beside your bed, on the back of a doorknob or in any place you would like to attract good fortune.

This sacred blend is said to attract abundance + love!!

Each white muslin sachet bag measures 7.5cm/3" x 10cm/4".


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This sacred blend sachet should be placed wherever you wish to attract abundance & positive energy.

Place sachet in the linen closet, dresser drawer, or on the back of a doorknob. Your normal routine will help permeate the purifying scent throughout your home.
br/>Use Caution - do not eat contents - keep away from children and pets - keep dry to ensure freshness

Good Fortune Sacred Blend

Good Fortune Sacred Blend