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Essential Wellbeing Bracelet

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***Fully Nurture Your Essential Wellbeing***

On their own, lava stones have been revered for ages as effective tools for grounding & protecting, helping keep us connected to Mother Earth. Stones of Courage, they help support stability and balance emotions. Reduce Anxiety - Instill Calmness + Strength. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to these porous stones and self-care on the go!

To more thoroughly nurture mind, body and spirit, we've added the magical healing properties of amethysts to this wellbeing piece. Amethysts are able to simultaneously stimulate and soothe mind, body and emotions, and are revered for promoting a calm, yet focused effect.

Adorned with 3 Tibetan antique sterling silver beads & 2 light + 2 dark amethysts, this powerful and effective bracelet will fully nurture your essential wellbeing.

Sizing by wrist size: XS=5½", S=6", M=6½", L=7" & XL=7½".


Roll Bracelet On & Off: To avoid over-stretching your bracelet cord, ensure that you roll the bracelet onto, and off of, your wrist. This motion also provides a therapeutic effect, while gently diffusing the essential oil scent.

Aromatherapy: For aromatherapy benefit, lay your bracelet flat on a Kleenex or paper towel and apply 3-4 drops of your chosen essential oil directly to lava stones. Allow drying before wearing. Reapplication of essential oils will vary in frequency, depending on how strong you prefer your scent.

Breathe Deep ~ Live Well!

Essential Wellbeing Bracelet

Essential Wellbeing Bracelet