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Head Soothing Eye Pillow
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Head Soothing Eye Pillow
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Head Soothing Eye Pillow

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Great for yoga and your Shavasana!

Purple Essentials' Eye Pillows provide gentle, therapeutic pressure to help ease tension, relieve headaches and calm eye strain.

Gently rest the Eye Pillow over your eyes & allow the
soothing, cooling qualities of the organic flax seeds to help you enter deep relaxation. Each microwavable wrap consists of a sealed muslin pouch of golden flax seeds, covered in a soft, removable & washable cotton cover. The scented option has organically grown lavender buds mixed in with the flaxseed.

Heated Benefits: • Increases circulation to the area • Helps to relieve stress • Promotes deep sleep

Cooled Benefits: • Helps to relieve swelling and reduce pain

Each eye pillow is approximately 23cm/9in long x 13cm/5in wide x 4cm/1.5in thick and weighs 365g/0.8lbs.


To Heat: Microwave - Place the entire eye pillow in microwave and heat on High for approx. 1 min (heating times may vary slightly). Conventional Oven - Wrap eye pillow in aluminum foil and heat at 93C/200F for approx. 10 mins.

To Cool: Place an eye pillow into a plastic bag to preserve any aromatherapy effects, and leave in the freezer for 2-3 hrs.

For Aromatherapy: To experience the effects of your favourite essential oil with your unscented pillow, once it's heated/cooled, remove the sealed pack from the cotton sleeve and apply 6-8 drops of oil directly to the muslin material. Reinsert the pack into the sleeve and place it on the body where desired.

Washable sleeve: With the sealed pack removed, your neck wrap sleeve can be either hand or machine washed. Use a gentle soap. Hang to dry.

Caution(s): While the eye pillow can be warmed for soothing the eye area and heated to provide hot therapy for sore tired muscles and achy joints, it is not recommended that you place a hot pillow over your eyes. For external use only - do not ingest contents.

Head Soothing Eye Pillow

Head Soothing Eye Pillow