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DIY Honey, Coconut and Brown Sugar Lip Scrub from Purple Essentials

by Christine Weatherby |

Chilly Temps can equal dry, chapped lips ... Let's make yours smile!

DIY Homemade - All Natural (& yummy) - Lip Scrub

As part of our New Year - New Beginnings theme, we're excited to start sharing some of our favourite, DIY skincare recipes - one each month. First up, here’s one for a Pure & Simple exfoliating lip scrub that can help naturally remove dead skin while moisturizing your smile.

Super easy ... Five minutes + three naturally nourishing ingredients that are probably in your kitchen right now!

Fresh & Natural Ingredients:

  •  1/2 tablespoon of raw honey (local organic honey for the WIN)
  •  2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  •  3 tablespoons of brown sugar


  • Mix honey and coconut oil in a bowl. These will be thicker/harder at cooler temps. For ease of mixing, you can soften each in a double boiler or microwave, being careful to avoid full melting. If full melting occurs, allow the ingredient to cool in the fridge for a few minutes before mixing.
  • Add sugar and whip to a fluffy consistency.
  • Transfer to a glass jar.
  • Apply as needed - Don’t be afraid to lick your lips :)

Easy, but timely, recipe to begin with ... future offerings may test your skills a little more!  Tried this recipe and loved it?  We'd love for you to send us a pic or video of your efforts ... post to our Facebook page and maybe we'll include it in a future newsletter!!

Live pure and simple - Live Purple!  

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