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Natural Skin Care Reviews for Purple Essentials

Rejuvenating Serum
"Rejuvenating Serum adds that perfect dewy glow to my face and a small amount goes a long way. Because it also tightens the skin, it's my quick facelift for the day! What woman my age doesn't want that?"  Chris Ross,  Kingston, ON

"My favourite Purple products are (I couldn't pick just one), the (Whipped) Body Creme, Mango Body Butter, Rejuvenating Serum and the Whipped Sugar Body Polish. I have recently had a severe psoriasis outbreak and I have used the Body Creme and the Mango Body Butter as moisturizers. They have helped me get through this. I have been using these products for over five years. They are my pamper products."  Barb W.,  Kingston, ON

"I have been using the Intensive Rejuvenating Serum daily for 7 years. I find it nourishing and refreshing on my face and neck."  Betty MacFarlane,  Kingston, ON

"My first product (10 years ago) and my favorite product (although I had to think hard to pick one out!) is Rejuvenating Serum. I was struggling to find an effective moisturizing product as I aged gracefully. The Rejuvenating Serum is absolutely phenomenal! As with all Purple Essential products, it is only necessary to use a small amount. You can feel serum nourish your skin and maintain itself throughout the whole day."  C Walker,  Kingston, ON

"After trying every cream on the market I finally found Purple Essentials' Rejuvenating Serum. This is the 'fountain of youth' in a bottle!"  J. Rukavina,  Kingston, ON

"I LOVE your products! I've been using the Mango Body Butter - which has helped with my eczema, and my personal favourite, the Rejuvenating Serum, and my skin looks and feels great. The texture, clean refreshing scent, and effectiveness is definitely demonstrated through all of the Purple Essentials products. I am definitely hooked!"  B Thomas,  Kingston, ON

"I just love the lightly scented rejuvenating serum. I have really dry skin, and this product is the best! I have used other creams and sometimes had to apply them twice as my skin still was still left feeling dry. I just use a small amount of this serum and my face feels and looks wonderful! "  Kelly Wohlert,  Toronto, ON

"The Serum is my new best friend! I love that a little goes a long way and that my super sensitive skin loves it."  Sharon McGrath,  Kingston, ON

"I love this product! It feels very luxurious against my skin and in addition to using it on my face every night, I also apply it to the backs of my hands. I've seen amazing results and I recommend in wholeheartedly."  Jennifer F.,  New York, NY

"This is the first moisturizer I have ever used where so little goes such a long way! Christine mentioned this and boy, was she right! Since you don't have to use very much, my skin feels moisturized without feeling heavy or greasy. I generally use it at night, but it's light enough to use during the day under make-up too. I'm really happy to see that you are now selling the sample sizes!"  Stephanie D,  Kingston, ON