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Men's Shaving Travel Pack
Men's Shaving Travel Pack

Directions for use:

Elixir: Shake well prior to each use.

Massage 8-10 drops into freshly cleansed face and neck area, using upward circular motions to lift and coat hairs, allowing for a closer, smoother shave.

Natural Soap: Provides a healthier alternative to mass produced, canned, shaving gels and foams.

Lather up and cover shaving area.

Post Shave Skin Soother: Shake well before using.

Apply a light mist to face and neck area, following the final rinse after shaving.

Rejuvenating Serum: Apply a small amount of serum to face and neck area after shaving.

TIP: Shave in the shower - Steam and moisture help soften your beard and lubricate skin to reduce irritation.


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Men's Shaving Travel Pack

Customer Reviews of this product:
"Thank you so much for this shaving package! I have very sensitive skin and am constantly changing products, looking for an effective remedy for my razor burn ... this does the trick!! The pre-shave elixir allows for a close, smooth shave and leaves my skin conditioned afterwards. The soap was an excellent substitute for my regular shaving cream and the post-shave soother did prevent the razor burn - as advertised.

I loved the rejuvenating serum, and will consider making it part of my regular routine in the future. All in all - I am very happy to have found Purple Essentials products!"  Jeremy V.,  Toronto, ON

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Men's Shaving Travel Pack

NEW - Hemp Zippered Travel Bag

One each of: Pre-Shaving Oil - 60mL ($15) + Post-Shave Skin Soother - 60mL ($15) + All Natural Lip Butter ($7) + Small Bar of Artisan Soap ($4) + Rejuvenating Serum - sample ($4) ... gift packaged in a reusable, hemp travel bag ($5).

For the man who suffers from razor burn, or has sensitive skin, this is the perfect Purple gift package!

Combining our handmade, artisan soap with the Purple Pre-Shave Oil provides a healthy alternative to canned shaving gels and foams - Nurture your face!

TIP: Shave in the shower - Steam and moisture help soften facial hair and lubricate the skin to reduce irritation.

Value: $50

Price: $40.00
  • cruelty free product
  • handcrafted product
  • all natural product
  • nut-free product
  • Canadian made product
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