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Pure Essential Oils

Derived from the essence of flowers, leaves, bark, fruits, seeds, herbs, spices and roots of plants, pure essential oils, aside from "smelling good", are believed to offer a wide range of aromatherapeutic benefits. These benefits can be both physical, such as enhancing your immune, respiratory and circulatory systems, and psychological, such as soothing the mind and reducing feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

Purple Essentials is Vancouver Island's premier source for Aromatherapy. Serving North America from our Qualicum Beach holistic studio and boutique, we offer for sale a diverse selection of pure essential oils, along with proprietary, theraputic blends, for use in diffusers and nebulizers. For a more detailed description of how to use a particular oil, and any associated precautions, please reference the "Ingredients and Instructions" found on the product's details page.

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