Handcrafted, Fresh & Natural Skin Care and Body Care Products

Purple Essentials natural skin care products are created from natural and nourishing ingredients that have been enjoyed for generations in beauty and wellness practices around the globe. Our goal in using natural ingredients is to produce natural skin care and body care products that are highly beneficial to the long term health and vitality, of your skin, senses and wellbeing.

The government requires all products of a cosmetic nature use the International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) name on package labels. This insures consistency in the listing of ingredient names from product to product, country to country and language to language. Although many consumers may be able to understand a basic plant name, and realize that it is a natural ingredient, there are many natural-sourced ingredients that, from their (INCI) name alone, may not seem all that friendly until one understands what they actually are and where they came from.

Listed below are the ingredients we use at Purple Essentials - their Common Name, INCI, a brief description and all the Purple natural skin care products that use that particular ingredient.