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ho wood essential oil
Common Name: ho wood essential oil
INCI: cinnamomum camphora (camphor) bark oil
Description: Purple Essentials uses Ho Wood Essential Oil in place of essential oils from endangered hardwoods, such as Rosewood and Sandalwood. Its chemical properties are very similar;stimulating, cell rejuvenating, antibacterial and skin conditioning.
Purple Essentials uses this in: Essential Eye Cleansing Oil & Makeup RemoverOrange & Rosemary Facial CleanserRejuvenating SerumPre-Shave OilPost-Shave Skin SootherRejuvenating SerumNail EnhancerFacial ElixirMen's Facial ElixirTabula Rasa - Beard RefresherAll Natural Beard OilNatural Deodorant Fresh & ClearNatural Deodorant Cocoa RoseFrankincense & Ho Wood Artisan Soap