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witch hazel distillate
Common Name: witch hazel distillate
INCI: hamamelis virginiana water (and) ethanol
Description: We use Alcohol Free Witch Hazel Distillate, which is a clear, colourless botanical extract that offers a variety of benefits for the skin, with soothing, natural astringent properties; antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin soothing and toning.
Purple Essentials uses this in: Baby Body CremeOutdoor Living SprayPeppermint Pore Toner Post-Shave Skin SootherWhipped Body Creme Citrus & SageRejuvenating SerumRejuvenating SerumSpritzer - "Calming"Well-Being SpritzerWhipped Body Creme Vanilla-Orange SpiceWhipped Body Creme Lavender & TangerineTabula Rasa - Beard Refresher